Sunday, December 1, 2013

Antenna CB Sigma IV HF 27 MHz Omni.

This kind of an antenna is hard to find in a Ham store. But home made is plenty in Indonesia. you can find them in Jakarta and it cost about a million. at least near that price in condition Unmatched. We are trying to made as close as this picture. with the price about one millions rupiah Matching condition and tested. Tell us if you need this kind of an antenna.27 MHz Ready to assembly. Bottom 1 1/4".....1/4 "
Sold to Sawangan ,Sukoharjo. Jogja, Tangerang. and you..from...? Bandung...Jakarta, ..Papua,,, Palembang ,Legok , BSD, Malang, Parung Panjang....,Balaraja, Pamulang... Banjarmasin, Purworejo,
hari ini  Rp 1.150.000 Pipa 1 1/4" - 1/4" GAIN Antenna about 6 Dbi.Lanjut Padang...
Call  +62858 1424 2877 Now Ready ,Mur baud semua Stainless
Lanjut ke Bogor ,Cibadak.16/9/2013,Padang, Manado 3/10/2013 Legenda, Sidoarjo 25/10/2013,Cinere 11/2013....