Monday, September 26, 2011

New CB Antenna HF 27 - 29 MHz Omni

 This kind of an antenna is hard to find in a Ham store. But home made is plenty in Indonesia. you can find them in Jakarta and it cost about a million. at least near that price in condition Unmatched condition. We are trying to make as close as this picture. with the price about one millions rupiah Matching condition an tested. Tell us if you need this kind of an antenna. 27 MHz Ready and tested price Rp 950.000,-
  Sold to Sawangan ,Sukoharjo. Jogja, Tangerang. and you..from...? Bandung...Jakarta, ..Papua,,, Palembang ,Legok , BSD,Citra raya , Malang (,Bogor,Cibadak. dpt harga khusus.) Maat Mulai 17 Sep 2014 Menjadi harga Standard Rp 1,250.000,-
Antenna Mobil 27 MHz Rp 250.000,-
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