Sunday, March 29, 2009

Antenna Tuner Icom AT 150 + Cable Data $155.oo

impedance: 50 Output matching range: 16.7 - 150 unbalanced VSWR 3:1 or less. Input power capability: 100W (200W PEP) Minimum power input: 8W .Band switching time: 3 seconds or less .Auto-tuning time: 3 seconds of less .Auto-tuning accuracy: VSWR 1:2:1 or less .Insertion loss: 0.5dB or less (after tuning). Programmable antenna selection by band (4 outputs). Cabinet matches IC-735, but will work with all Icom HF transceivers (EX-202 LDA Unit required for IC-730; OPC-137 Adapter required for IC-745, IC-751/A).Usable temperature range: -10C to 60C.Good working conditions. Original paint and component Used. Sold IDR 1.500.000 CALL :+6285814242877 Sold to Cinere BNI 18/4/09 Special Delivery